A bit about the past

MAREXdesign REEL 2008

Back when I was still in university I was using MAREXdesing as my brand name and making art/design/MotionGraphics and also doing some freelancing work. Also, at our university we had to do couple of exhibitions every year, and we were doing one exhibition just before the job hunting starts, so I've decided to use this opportunity make my own demo reel. A lame excuse but it got me motivated and the timing seemed right ;)

MAREXdesign REEL 2008

At that time I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my future, so I made this DVD player thing float in the mid air to represent unstableness and by exposing raw materials to represent complexity of my thinking, art it self and the uncertain future. It could have been completely different but that's how I remember it now. I really liked the end result of that floating raw DVD player and it actually played the my demo reel on a DVD!


Workflow was my graduation project. I always loved or was more interested in how things were made rather than the actual completed thing, and that was my theme for the project. Up until then I did a lot of Motion Graphics with VFX and heavy video editing, but somehow I was getting tired of all of it. The idea was to make something that looks like it's using VFX but when you finish watching it you kind of realize that there is almost no VFX, or at least something like that, and that's the story behind the Workflow.


This photo was taken during the rehearsal. When watching the final version on three different screens it would seem like those three people are in deferent places, doing their own thing in a different environment and a different time, but in reality they are sitting at one big table next to etch other and working at the same time, and that is the biggest secret for not using VFX or video editing. It was a long night and think we did 8 or 9 takes doing the same thing over and over to get it right. Here are some photos from the that day:

Workflow backs stage

At out university we were fortunate enough to have a very nice studio that we could use almost anytime we needed, even over night sometimes. As a student and without a budget having that studio and friends helping you out with acting, filming, and doing boring things like carrying tables and setting up the studio really helped, and we always had each others backs and making art together.


We had a nice workspace at the university, with really nice Mac's. Yep, that's a PowerBookG4, haha, time does fly by ;)



If you are a foreigner living in Tokyo there are a lot of opportunities for modeling and I was lucky enough to get some experience in TV-AD's like this and this, fashion magazines, fashion related video and some on-line store clothing modeling. Here are a bit of the modeling photos. The biggest benefit I got out of it was when filming my own Motion Graphics it got a bit easier to give acting instructions to actors and understanding being on the other side of the camera, some extra cash was nice too ;)

Not so much but that's some of my past. I might add some more details on how or why I stopped doing MotionGraphics and became a front-end developer.

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